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Here are some of our more common ask questions. Feel free to send us a chat or message on the Contact page if you still have further questions.


Yes, all the boots are handmade. Because of this we can also make custom boots if you would like.

All embroidered boots are made form a unique piece of embroidered tapestry about 2×3 feet. All the fabric is one of a kind therefore all pairs are a unique design and colors. 

We will make the boots with the same genre of colors you choose. We will also try to send you pictures of the available fabric before we make them.

Yes, it is no problem at all. All you need to do is measure the ankle circumference and the calf circumference.

Yes you can, all of our boots are handmade so we can have them made especially for you. Tell us the style, height, toe, heel and dimention and we will have them made for you.


You can get free shipping with any orders in the USA above $200.

All the boots take on average about 14 days to make. They will be air shipped to you.

All boots are all air shipped via DHL or Fedex. It will take on average 4-7 days for shipping.

All boots unless custom made can be return or exchange within 14 days of delivery. 

Because all boots have a leather inside, they will stretch to your form a bit.

Our Company

7 Hills Living is a shop downtown Charleston, South Carolina. We opened in December 2019 and have been fortunate to have made it thought the pandemic. While we are located in Charleston we imports and have made most of our goods from Istanbul, Turkey. Please feel free to stop by visit us next time you are in Charleston.

7 Hills Shop

The shop include many different handmade products such as lamps, carpets, kilim, shoes, boots, bags and ceramic. While most of our goods are from Istanbul . Many come also from different locations. 

Our lamps are either made Istanbul or Morocco, our fabric for our pillows or cloths are usually from Uzbekistan, and our ceramic is from Isnik.

Our Team



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