Blue and Black Silk Ikat Wedge


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These incredible Wedge are entirely handmade with 100% silk ikat velvet, genuine leather sole, and genuine leather inside. While they are beautiful now, it becomes even prettier as the silk ages. All Wedge are very comfortable due to the leather on the inside and can be worn both indoors or outside with casual clothes.
  • 100% Silk Ikat Velvet
  •  Genuine Leather Sole
  •  Genuine Leather Inside
  •  Open Toe
  •  True to Size
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All of our shoes and boots are entirely handmade, which makes them all completely unique. You will never have two pairs exactly the same.

While we are based in Charleston, South Carolina, all of our shoes are handmade by our shoemaker in Istanbul with genuine Turkish leather, and the silk velvet is unique from Uzbekistan where it keeps the tradition alive. Uzbekistan has a rich history of silk ikat and suzani weaving and makes incredible fabrics

If you are interested in either different styles, sizes or fabrics or other specifications do not hesitate to contact us and we will have them made specifically base on your demands.


35 – (4.5-5 US), 36 – (5.5-6 US), 37 – (6.5-7 US), 38 – (7.5-8 US), 39 – (8.5-9 US), 40 – (9-9.5 US), 41 – (10-10.5 US), 42 – (11-11.5 US), 43 – (12-12.5 US)


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